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Want to learn more about Solar Panels. We look into all the interesting stats and information when it comes to solar panels that you need to know before you can consider going Solar. There’s a lot of jargon in the solar industry which can often make it very confusing for someone to make an informed decision. We help to take this confusion away from you allowing you to make your own mind up with the information in front of you.

Solar Panels on roof

Solar Panels

Why is solar so important?

Now that it’s being clear to everyone that earth only has a finite amount of supplies people are now taking the extra step to prolong and prevent using earths natural resources. Solar provides Green energy meaning we wont have to rely on the consumption of fossil fuels to provide energy for our day to day living. Due to solar being green, as long as the sun keeps shining we’ll all have energy. Although Solar panels aren’t anywhere near perfect yet they’ve came a long way over recent years and can supply a significant amount of the UK’s overall energy demand.