Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of window throughout the entirety of the UK. There are multiple different options to take into consideration when upgrading or replacing your windows. Each different variety has its own benefits and capabilities.

When choosing your new windows, you should think about each type and style, and how well it will be suited in your home.

Triple Glazing – What Is It?

Put simply, triple glazing is a window that consists of three layers of glass. This design is very beneficial in many ways.

Between each of the three panes of glass is a thin layer of gas – usually argon, xenon, or another low conductivity gas. This gas aids in the insulation process, and is fantastic and stopping heat from passing through.

Triple Glazing White

Most people think that triple glazing is just used to keep the heat in, and the cold out. This is true, but it is not its only purpose. In hotter months or climates, triple glazing can actually reduce the amount of heat coming into your home, keeping in nice and cool inside.

Benefits Of Triple Glazing

By having a third layer of glass, it is safe to say that triple glazing boasts a number of brilliant benefits.

The first mentionable benefit is that it provides excellent noise insulation. The extra layer of glass and gas further reduces the amount of noise that can make it through. This means that it triple glazing is ideal for those living in busy, noisy, or built-up areas.

Another benefit is that it is much, much stronger that double-glazed windows. This means that those looking to break into your home will have a much harder time getting though your windows.

As mentioned earlier, it can help to keep lots of heat in your property. This ultimately leads to your energy bills being reduced!

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